3 Ways To Inspire Your Child To Spread Holiday Cheer At School


It's said that it feels better to give than to receive, but any child knows that is not always true. Sometimes it is undeniably fun to get things! Nevertheless, you can help your child get into the holiday spirit and discover some truly joyful ways of giving. Help your child create wonderful memories by helping others at school this holiday season.

Extend an Invitation to a Lonely Child

The holidays can be difficult for lonely children who may left out of holiday parties and gatherings that their peers have. Talk to your child about how important it is to be inclusive. Encourage your child to invite a lonely kid at school to join in on some of your planned holiday activities like decorating cookies or going to see light displays. That may end up sparking a friendship that helps the lonely kid feel less like a misfit throughout the year.

Encourage Sincere, Sweet Cards of Appreciation

Talk to your child about how important it is for others to feel appreciated, especially during the holidays when people are giving of themselves in a lot of ways. Encourage your child to write a Christmas card to every person in her class, including the teacher. In each card, emphasize the importance of expressing gratitude. Talk to the child about how to discern positive qualities in others and be specific in praising positive character traits. Your child will have so much fun doing this, and it can really touch the hearts of her classmates and teacher. Don't forget the janitor and lunch room crew, too. Turn on the holiday music, and writing Christmas cards together can become a family tradition.

Empower Your Child to Do Chosen Acts of Kindness

Much has been said about random kind things, but it can be even more meaningful to put some thought into the most effective ways to be kind. Suggest one or two ways that your child can make kinder choices each day. For example, if your child knows that a peer is struggling with a certain subject, she may invite them to study with her after school. Talk to your child how you put thought into doing kind deeds for others and offer suggestions for how they can do the same.

Finally, keep in mind that your child should lead the way when it comes to holiday kindnesses. To really take in and appreciate the lessons that come with the joy of giving, they need to feel motivated to make kind choices for themselves. Guide them in the right direction and heap plenty of praise on them when they choose to extend compassion and kindnesses to their classmates and others.

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7 December 2016

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