Reasons To Attend Catholic High School After Home Schooling


Many parents home school their children at a young age but decide to put the children in a conventional high school when they're ready. There are lots of advantages of doing so, including giving your children the chance to learn socially in a way that may have been lacking in the home environment. When you're choosing a high school for your son or your daughter, you may wish to strongly consider a local Catholic high school. Even if you're only an occasional church attendee, giving your children this type of high school environment is advantageous for the following reasons.

Fewer Cliques

Cliques can be an issue in many high schools, and this can be a problem for lots of students — including those who are joining the school after being home schooled for several years. You'll often find that cliques are less of an issue at Catholic high schools. Teachers and administrators frequently stress inclusion, which means that new students will be welcomed with open arms. This is especially true if your child already knows some of the students from church or from community activities. You want your child's transition into high school to be as easy as possible, and a clique-free dynamic is ideal.

Emphasis On Morality

Many parents choose to send their children to Catholic high school because of the emphasis on morality in the daily teachings. You've probably tried to teach your child morality at home, but high school may be the first chance that he or she gets to attend school away from you — and there can be plenty of temptations as a result. Sex, drugs, bullying, and other issues that are present in some high schools often don't have a place in Catholic high schools, given the focus on morality.

Top-Level Education

As a home-schooling parent, you've likely prided yourself on giving your children the best education that you can. The last thing that you want is to feel as though your child is experiencing a drop off in the caliber of education that he or she is receiving upon going to high school. You'll appreciate that many Catholic high schools are known for their top-level education. If school rankings based on standard testing are available in your community, do your research and note how your local Catholic high school fares against the public high school. In many cases, you'll know that your child is in good hands academically in this environment.


16 July 2019

Handing Down Your Heritage

My father is an evangelical minister. He began pastoring churches when I was an infant. Since then, he’s never taken a break from this calling that means so much to him. When I was young, he dreamed about sending me to a Christian university when I entered college. Unfortunately, due to financial constraints, I needed to attend a public university near my home. However, he’s still handed down his religious heritage to me. If you have strong religious beliefs, you should consider sending your kids to a religious school. In doing so, your children can become educated about the values and beliefs that you hold so dear to your heart. On this blog, you will learn how to search for the right religious school for your children.