Typical Classes Found in an All-Boys Private Catholic High School


Schools that are privately funded often have the discretion to use different curricula than public schools. They are not bound by the same state and federal regulations by which public schools must operate.

As such, you may wonder what kind of an education that your son will get if you were to send him to one of these privately-funded schools. He will be exposed to a variety of topics that are commonplace in an all-boys private Catholic high school.

1. Latin

It is not out of place for an all-boys private Catholic high school to require all students to take four years of Latin. While Latin may be categorized as a dead language in secular society, it is still a commonly used language within the Roman Catholic Church. In fact, there are still parishes throughout the U.S. and world that only conduct Masses in Latin.

With that, your son could be expected to take four years of Latin while he is enrolled at the all-boys private Catholic high school. By the time he graduates, he will have a functional grasp of this language and be able to participate fully in Masses and other church functions that are performed in Latin.

2. Religious Education 

Another aspect of the curriculum used in an all-boys private Catholic high school is religious education. Federal and state laws prohibit public schools from teaching religious education. Religions can only be taught in secular terms in classes like World History or World Literature. However, an all-boys private Catholic high school can incorporate religious education into its curriculum. Your son will be provided with lessons in the Roman Catholic catechism and also be instructed the sacrament of Confirmation if he is not already confirmed in the Church.

Finally, it is not uncommon for an all-boys private Catholic high school to start its day off with a daily Mass. Attendance at daily Mass is typically obligatory, even for students who are not Catholic. Masses are also said on holy days of obligation and may be open to parents and siblings who want to fulfill their obligation of attending Mass that day. 

These elements are a few to anticipate for your son when you send him to an all-boys private Catholic high school. He will take four years of Latin and catechism lessons. He also will attend a daily Mass before school. For more information, you can contact local private schools. 


24 February 2021

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